Beaches of Daman & Diu

Come and enjoy your beach holidays at the twin islands of Daman and Diu located on the western coast of the Indian peninsula. The beaches of Daman and Diu are a heady mix of cushy sands, clusters of coconut palms and ancient monuments-a heady blend of natural beauty and historical traditions. The Daman beaches attract beachcombers from all over the world.

Some of the popular beaches in Daman that you may visit during your beach holidays and beach tours to this part of India are the Devka beach, Nani Daman and Jampore beach.

The amazing amusement park at Devka beach with its multi colored fountains is worth watching. Kids love being there and on festive occasions the illuminated park is a big draw for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. You may take a pony ride or just beat the heat with a swim. Far away from the madding crowds is the Jampore Beach. The joy of solitude and serenity is best felt at the soft soothing sand of the Jampore Beach. Swimming and picnic at the Casurina plantation are perfect plans for holidaying. Nani Daman offers a bouquet of tourist attractions like the Gandhi Park, Daman Fort, the Church and a fishing dock. Close by is Moti Daman that is a treasure trove of monuments and ancient structures. Here you must check out the lovely lighthouse.

Devka Beach
This beach located at Daman attracts tourists like bees to honey. Famous for its amusement park the Devka beach is an exotic beach holiday destination and offers exciting holiday options to the interested. On festivals and special occasions the amusement park with its plethora of colorful fountains is a sight to behold. A great holiday spot for children and the ideal place to frolick.

Jampore Beach
The Jampore beach is the right beach holiday destination if you are looking for some quite time and swimming. Enjoy exciting pony rides on the beach. There is ample opportunity for those with an adventurous streak to enjoy water sports. Festivals and occasions are times when this quite and tranquil beach spot is decorated and illuminated with tiny light bulbs.

Nani Daman
Nani Daman is a nice place to go to during your beach holidays and beach tours. There are a number of places that you can visit during your beach holidays and beach tours to Daman and these include places like the Gandhi Park, Daman Fort, a fishing dock and an ancient Church. The lighthouse offers that mystic charm to this lovely beach destination in West India.

The Diu beaches that make for great beach holiday destinations in West India include the Chakratirth beach, NaGoa, Vanakbhara beach, Gomatimala, Kevdi and Goghla.

Chakratirth Beach
The Chakratirth beach is known for its sunset point and an ancient Shiv temple that is one of the important tourist destinations in West India. The Open-air auditorium with its changing rooms on the Chakratirth beach is a must visit. The landscaped and artistically manicured gardens at the Chakratirth beach are a pure visual delight.

Nagoa Beach
Nagoa beach in Diu, West India is a tiny seaside fishing village that has the shape of a horseshoe. A tranquil and serene beach holiday destination in West India the Nagoa beach offers you a peek into the laid back and very traditional lifestyle of a fishing village with its exotic rustic charm.

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